Just broke up with your boyfriend?  Breakups can be rough; and no matter what, no one really wants to go through them. Splitting up sucks. But this is life – you get dumped, or you cut him loose…sometimes it doesn’t even matter. It’s difficult either way! Sadness, heartache and anger are all part of the deal and unfortunately, that’s not likely to ever change. This is reality, and every girl will one day go through exactly the same thing. The loss of your relationship can bring on intense emotional feelings and drama. It REALLY sucks, I know!
So, if you’re looking for some help to get through it and want some suggestions about how to make it a little easier, read on…
1. Put your phone down and don’t backtrack! Ask yourself: Is it really worth going back?
2. Don’t rethink your decision! If the breakup was your idea, you obviously did it for a reason. Obsessing on “the good times” you may have had with him (especially if you listen to “your song” while doing this) may cause you to forget the reasons why you ended it. Remind yourself of the bad times, and think that you DO deserve better.
3. Talk to your friends! You want to make sure you surround yourself with supportive and loving friends that will make you feel good. Talking it out will always help. Talk it all out with your best friend, get her over for a sleepover, do girly things, have fun and take your mind off him for a while.
4. Write all your feelings down! If you feel like you want to be alone and not talk to anyone, as I would after a break up, write down all your feelings in a journal or a book. The most important thing is to be absolutely honest and don’t edit yourself or change your mind as you go. One of the best results of writing it all down is that sometimes you will be amazed by a sudden insight that comes to you as you are pouring it all out onto paper. A smart thing to remember if you keep a journal is be sure you keep it in a place where curious brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, etc. won’t be likely to stumble across it.
5. Keep your space! Even if you and your ex have decided to stay friends, break away completely from each other right after the breakup. This means not seeing each other, not being around his/her family members, no phone calls, no text messages, no Facebook, no none of that.  Give yourself some time, to get over the heartbreak.
6. Cry it out! Crying is NOT weak. Sometimes we need to let out our emotions and in such a difficult situation, the easiest way is to cry. If you feel the need to cry, CRY! Don’t try hold it in, it IS ok to ball your eyes out.
7. My last piece of advice…FIND SOMEONE BETTER, GIRL! There are thousands and thousands of cute guys out there. Find someone who treats you right, and loves you for who you are. Just keep in mind that now you are single! Live and fight through the tough experiences when they take place. But for now, live life, and take chances as they come.
But the main thing to remember after breaking up with your boyfriend, is that it happened for a reason. You may not know what the reason is right away, but there is a reason why you are going through this. Just keep your head up high, and know that you deserve better.